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Welcome To The Curious Micah's Blog

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I'm Micah and I am an eclectic creator who is on a mission. Welcome to an artistic Virtual Tour Guide to Miami, the World, and Beyond - Travel, Art, Food, and Fantasy. This Blog (and all of my Guides) are designed to pique your interest and curiosity by inviting you to indulge more in the living of life! How do you want to live? There are quite a lot of ways...but I've got some ideas to make it more interesting.

What does that mean??

That means I will be showing you what life has to offer, so you can get more curious about living in alignment with what works for you. This Blog is for INSPIRATIONAL purposes only. - With my experience in food and beverage, hospitality, and entertainment industries I will be sharing reviews on restaurants, parks, public spaces, and events. I am your Virtual Tour Guide. Ask me anything, and I will find out. - With my experience of being a full blown, but low key artist, I will be showing you my processes, inviting you into some introspection, spirituality, and colorful ideas along the way. Are you scared to start a new project, lifestyle, or poem? Guess what! I believe in you. Let's get into it. You can live life more on your terms a little bit at a time. - And furthermore as an expert in exploring the squeezing of life's every drop out, I will be sharing my passions for food, fun, leisure, and romanticizing your life. Yeah, I say: Why the heck not?! The mundane can be just excruciating OR excruciating beautiful. The choice is yours to discover. My guidance grows from my own lived in experience in challenging myself to keep at it.

Why a blog? Why now?

I've already been sharing my requested ideas to friends, collages, acquaintances, and strangers for YEARS now.

It's been an integral part of my own creative business, so now you can support my efforts with reading, sharing, and cheering me on. I hope you find some joy in all of this too.

Please SUBSCRIBE and Read Along :)

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