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Call Me Gaby, Italian Restaurant SOBE /Miami: The Curious Micah Guides

Call Me Gaby is a must-visit restaurant for Italian cuisine lovers situated in the South of 5th area of Miami Beach, Florida. This neighborhood hotspot is in high demand for romantic al fresco dining, garden apertivos, family dinners, birthday parties, and everything in between.

The ambiance of the restaurant is sophisticated, elegant and cozy with an open kitchen. The patio gushes with romance and simplicity. The interior is decorated with warm lighting, soft furnishings, and tasteful artwork. One of the main draws of Italian restaurants is their homemade pasta, which is often a highlight of the menu. This restaurant does not disappoint in the pasta department.

Owned and operated by women, Call Me Gaby exudes femininity. But, there is an all-star team of Italian chefs in the kitchen handcrafting pizzas each titled after a woman’s name. The service is warm, friendly, and attentive because the staff are so knowledgeable about the menu! The quality and experience are definitely worth the value.

The menu features a wide range of classic Italian dishes, including pasta, Pinsa Romana style pizza, and salads. Some notable mentions are: FOCACCIA, PIZZA BENEDETTA , FIOCCHETTI ALLE PERE E TARTUFO.

The ingredients used are high quality, which you can taste in the enhanced flavors of the food. There is also a lovely selection of wines to complement the meal if you arent in the mood for Miami's finest water.

I would go here every day if I could, to romanticize my life. Call Me Gaby is an exceptional Italian restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida, offering an enjoyable experience with patio, indoor, and 2nd floor dining. Delicious food, great service, and lovely ambiance make this an easy highly recommendation for anyone seeking a memorable dining experience.

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